No more empty tanks

Our service, Connect, eliminate waste, streamline transportation and cut lead times by up to 88%

Fully integrated level measurement

That is how it works

We are the best in Europe in terms of basic and advanced level measurement system for fuel tanks and for tanks containing all types of petroleum products. We provide fully integrated level measurement in tanks from installation to integrated measurement tool. Through our control panel, site info, you have full control over the levels, deliveries, frequencies and can easily produce comprehensive statistics and logs We help you hook up your current system or we’ll replace everything and delivers a complete fully integrated solution.


Full kontroll på nivåerna.

  • Fullständig överblick över nivåerna i dina tankar och cisterner
  • Full kontroll via SiteInfo web och app
  • Historik, statistik, prognos och rapporter
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Siteinfo total

I am interested in a comprehensive solution

  • Analysis of the entire system
  • Installation and security
  • Full control via web and app
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Nu för tiden vet vi exakt hur ofta, hur mycket och var det behöver fyllas upp. Total kontroll märks på sista raden

Birger Birgersson, Preem

What we offer that nobody else does?

EFFICIENCY. After more than 30 years in the industry in pursuit of a more effective management of oil and chemicals, we dare say that we are not only taught us how to save time and money for our customers, but also how, through our system strikes a blow for the environment. No waste and more efficient deliveries do our job and your sustainable.
You have full control over the levels in your tanks and you will never go empty. Moreover, we can promise that you will not have any manual administration during filling. This is how it works.
It's easy to get started. With our process, Easy Setup process, you are up and running quickly and can immediately see the difference. Get in touch with us so we can talk more.

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