An important step towards a fossil-free world

By offering the next generation of high-performance oils and chemicals, Avantherm contributes to a fossil free and sustainable society.

Our solutions

Avantherm Coolant

Avantherm’s Coolant is very free-flowing, even at low temperatures. Its long service life and non-corrosive properties generate clear cost-savings for the user.

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Avantherm Heat Transfer Fluid

Avantherm’s heat transfer fluids are specially formulated with optimal properties to act as carriers of heat and cold. The liquids are extremely stable over a wide temperature range, and mild in the applications they are used for.

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Avantherm HVO 100

Avantherm HVO100 is a totally renewable diesel fuel, with substantially reduced emissions and significant performance advantages. HVO100 is suitable for use in normal diesel engines of all sizes.

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Avantherm Transformer Oil

Avantherm Transformer Oil has excellent cooling and electrical insulation properties. Avantherm Transformer Oil will be launched in the second half of 2016.

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Avantherm Liquid release agent

Avantherm’s Liquid Release Agent is designed to be effective at extremely low and extremely high temperatures. Avantherm’s Liquid Release Agent will be launched in autumn 2016.

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Climate and Environmental benefits

Avantherm’s products enable global industry to make a significant contribution to reducing climate and environmental impacts. All our products are manufactured from 100 percent renewable raw materials, and are non-toxic. All Avantherm’s products are highly biodegradable, and this also generates major environmental benefits, not least in particularly sensitive environments. All our products are free from sulphur and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Technical advantages

All Avantherm’s products are based on highly stable, high-quality oils, and this offers several technical advantages. The high degree of purity and chemical stability achieved through the production process results in uniquely effective fluids with a long service life. The fact that all our products are non-toxic and odour-free also makes for a safer work environment for the people who work in direct contact with these types of fluid.

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Avantherm Heat Transfer Fluids in Helsinki trams

The trams project was carried out in Helsinki during 2015, in collaboration with the Finnish company, Lumikko. Lumikko works, among other things, with HVAC installations for public transport and the defence industry, as well as with refrigeration plants for a number of other industries.